Outdoor Display / Advertising Design

Client: Pele’s Grace Co., Ltd. / mode inc.

Pele’s Grace, a Hawaiian cosmetics brand that has expanded all over Japan, is aiming for further development of its brand by entering the Hawaii market. The brand conducts business through network marketing and since many of its members all over Japan visit Hawaii frequently, we decided to install a large display advertisement at the international exit area inside of the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

We were able to boost the corporate value of the company in both Japan and Hawaii through the advertisement that uses Pele, the goddess of fire, as its main visual.

The founder of the company learned about the Hawaiian ways of life and thinking from the Kahuna of the Big Island. With the philosophy of love, passion, appreciation, and grace in mind, the founder thought of the name “Pele’s Grace” in reference to the goddess Pele who is said to live inside the Kilauea Volcano.

We used the painting depicting Pele, “Pele Honua Mea” by Herb Kāne, as the main visual for the brand’s philosophy; Pele’s face expresses kindness and beauty, and the flames in her hands express love and passion. In addition, the tagline, “Blessed by Pele’s Beauty,” expresses the thought of wanting to enrich society while embodying the beauty and strong passion of the goddess Pele and the corporate philosophy of appreciation.

The ad is placed in an area that traveler’s from all around the world see as soon as they arrive in Hawaii. The high visual impact and visibility of the display advertisement have increased the value and recognition of the brand.

Pele's Grace Ad

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Pele's Grace Ad