Does Hawaii also need regional revitalization? Bringing together various hidden local products with a single unified branding.

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An officially endorsed project by Hawaii Tourism Japan – “111-HAWAII PROJECT” – which is operated by Clarence Lee Design, made a concept video called “Does Hawaii also need regional revitalization? Bringing together various hidden local products with a single unified branding.” and it has launched on Youtube! Please check it out!


To a lot of visitors, Hawaii is a sun-shining resort of everlasting summer, beaches and fresh breezes. The most well-known is the island of Oahu, where Waikiki is also located. Many hotels, high-rise buildings and condos, large scale shopping malls with high-end brands and popular retail stores line up to entertain people visiting the island for their vacation.


But there’s more to Hawaii than that, such as the lesser known “Made in Hawaii” products, that are full of Hawaiian charm and often produced by Hawaii’s local small-to-medium businesses. Unable to afford cost of advertisement or sales promotion, the products go by unnoticed, which a lot of the times lead them to disappear from the market.


It is almost as if in a famous stadium (Hawaii), the rival teams from elsewhere are competing against each other, while the local team from Hawaii cannot even step onto the field. There has to be something done to fight this sad reality, to inform the visitors of the local products that are full of Hawaiian charm and make them love Hawaii even more.


To that end, we felt that a local revitalizing story was needed in order to promote these lesser known local products and services. This is how the “111-HAWAII PROJECT” started: to create a Hawaii brand alongside famous brands that will allow us to contribute to Hawaii together.


It all started with one Japanese designer living in Hawaii, Kuni Yamamoto. His strong will eventually grew and expanded its circle to a project that is endorsed by Hawaii Tourism Japan. The 111-HAWAII PROJECT brings visitors an experience that can only be achieved in Hawaii through small, yet very special Hawaii products and services, unified under one brand.


We made a “concept video” for even more people to know about this project.



Please go to below URL to check the video:


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Produced by 111-HAWAII PROJECT

A Film by Propeller USA (

In Association with

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Producer: Kuni Yamamoto, Written by: Yuki Koizumi & Kazumo Tachibana, Director of Photography: Ryusuke Suzuki, Lead Cinematographer & Editor: Naoki Tanaka, Cinematographer: Hiroyuki Yokoyama & Keisuke Imada