For more than over 50 years, Clarence Lee Design has serviced its clients as Hawaii’s leading branding design firm.


Highly recognized throughout the community, we have produced a culmination of the most well known and recognized brand logos throughout Hawaii. We offer various design services from, design planning, strategy, brand identities, logos, advertisements, print management, product packaging, web and digital media to environmental design in response to the client’s industry and their needs.

At Clarence Lee Design (CLD), it is not graphic design that only improves the aesthetic appearance that is important, but rather to practice the idea of “Business Design” which is a fusion of logical thinking and intuitive creativity which in turn has become necessity in our business environments. With our 50 years experience in creative consulting, we are able to offer you a proper design service that will guide your business to success.

Solutions! Design for success. The power of visual identity.


“High Added Value, Differentiation, and Brand Building”
– These three components have become even more important for businesses to invest in than ever before. Let us help solve your business design needs with a visual identity that fuzes both the creative and business aspects of thinking.


President & Art Director,
Kuni Yamamoto


Clarence Lee

Clarence Lee, founder of the company, was a pioneer in the Hawaii design industry, and has been honored as a “Living Treasure in Hawaii” (a first for a designer). He has also received the prestigious “Koa Award” for Lifetime Achievement in the Visual Arts.

Giving back to Hawaii with the power of design

Social Contribution ・ Creating Shared Values (CSV)

As we are approaching our 50th anniversary, Clarence Lee Design launched the “111-HAWAII PROJECT” in order to give back to the local community. The project was born out of our deepest gratitude for Hawaii, the place we call home. Although there are many local small businesses in Hawaii with wonderful made in Hawaii products, the sad truth is that the majority of these products usually remain unnoticed due to their lack of acknowledgment.

Working together as one with local businesses, we want to improve the value of Made in Hawaii by unifying Hawaii products under a single unified branding! In addition, we donate a portion of all of our sales to help Hawaii!

– this is our concept of this project. The project is receiving a lot of attention due to its system where branding will lead to revitalizing local communities when various local products is designed with a single unified branding, and a system where consumers can also participate in local contribution by purchasing a high quality made in Hawaii product.

With the help of Hawaii Tourism Japan, the project expands on the CSV concept in proposals and operation. Clarence Lee Design and participating companies provide their expertise and participants make actual profits as business activities, not as volunteers, while also doing good to help the local community.

About CSV