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Clarence Lee Design appears in the latest video of the popular Hawaiian YouTube channel POCKET HAWAII, “Hawaii’s Secrets No One Tells You”!

As the number of You Tubers living in Hawaii continues to increase, "POCKET HAWAII" is a popular as a pioneer YouTube channel that delivers information about Hawaii along with beautiful views of Hawaii. With 38,300 subscribers and 9.42 million total views, POCKET HAWAII is one...

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16 October
Night Pop-Up Store
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Clarence Lee Design Holds Pop-up Store to Sell Hawaiian Products that they designed the packages.

The branding design company in Hawaii, Clarence Lee Design will hold "Night POP-UP STORE" for a limited time to sell Hawaiian products that packages are designed by CLD. Some of sales items, Sun Noodle's "Liliha Saimin" and "Haleiwa Drymein" were selected as Hawaii's...

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02 February
Sushi SHO Islander Clarence Lee Design
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Made in Hawaii sake “SUSHI SHO” is born! Supervised by “Sushi Sho” chef Keiji Nakazawa, who is said to be the most influential Edomae sushi chef in Japan!

"Islander Sake Brewery", a sake brewery revived in Hawaii for the first time in 33 years, has collaborated with the very popular sushi restaurant "Sushi Sho" renowned for its repuation of "hard to get reservations" in the Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Beach. Under the supervision of Sushi...

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26 July