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New to the Clarence Lee Design pop-up store is a special 100% Kona coffee aged in Hawaiian rum!

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Clarence Lee Design, a Hawaii branding and design firm, is currently holding a “Night POP-UP STORE” every Thursday and Friday night to sell Hawaii products for which they have designed packaging.


Starting June 16, three special 100 Kona coffee, including a coffee aged in barrels with Hawaiian rum and a fermented coffee made with yeast by UCC Hawaii Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii will be sold at the POP-UP Store. Here is the only place you can buy them on Oahu. Don’t miss this opportunity!

100% Kona Coffee

UCC Hawaii’s Special 100% Kona Coffee Series


Barrel Aged Coffee

Kona coffee slowly aged in barrels with Hawaiian rum. It has a berry-like acidity and a chocolate-like sweetness.


Honey Process Anaerobic Fermented Coffee

Kona coffee fermented for 3 days under anaerobic conditions using yeast. It has a strawberry aroma, nectarine sweetness, and a milk caramel flavor.


Laurina Natural Half Caffeine

No artificial methods are used to produce this variety of Kona coffee, which contains about half the amount of caffeine. It has a savory almond aroma and a mild sweet and tart flavor like hot wine.

sun noodle islander sake

Various Hawaii design award-winning products are also on sale!


The pop-up store also sells Sun Noodle’s “Liliha Saimin” and “Haleiwa Drymein,” which were selected as the best design in Hawaii, tote bags and T-shirts with Islander Sake Brewery’s logo, 111-Hawaii Project’s products, Hawaiian Healthy herb tea, Mamaki Tea is also available for purchase.

cook by hitomi

When it comes to Mont Blanc Cake in Hawaii, this is the place to go! Cook! by Hitomi


We sell our most popular Mont Blanc cake and a variety of other treats made with Hawaiian macadamia nuts. Be sure to try them at the pop-up store by all means if you haven’t had them yet.

clarence lee design

POP-UP STORE at Clarence Lee Design


● Date and time: Every Thursday & Friday / 6:00pm-8:30pm
● Location: Clarence Lee Design office
    2333 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu HI 96826
    Grand floor of Marco Polo Condominium

*Please enter from the “Ewa Entrance” facing Kapiolani Blvd. which is not the main entrance of the condominium where you can freely enter the building, marked by the red door.

*Parking is available on Kapiolani Avenue in front of Marco Polo from 6:30pm for street parking.