1910/1955 Ramen

Packaging Design

Client: Sun Noodle Brand

Sun Noodle, a local noodle maker introduced the new healthy ramen series “1910 Shoyu” and “1955 Miso” currently available only at Whole Foods Market in North East, New York. The task was to deliver the features of the ramen noodle to New Yorkers experiencing a ramen fad, and to health conscious Whole Foods Market type customers.

Turn ramen into a healthy food. Convey the product's appeal with a packaging design that focused on the raw noodles.

The maker newly developed the healthy ramen noodle. Conveying the maker’s professionalism about producing genuine fresh noodles via the package design was the most important assignment. We enhanced the noodle with the simple sash-type label with limited color works, and used brown kraft texture on matte film giving a sense of healthy and natural product feature, while still staying functional as a waterproof label to repel condensation.

Sun Noodle
Sun Noodle



Shoyu, miso and kaedama (refill noodles) are separated with 3 different colors which visually differentiates one from another.

Sun Noodle

Insert Card


The product explanation sheet and cooking directions card placed inside the packaging are designed with a healthy and natural feel.