Health Bar & Cafe Branding Design

Client: Five Senses Inc.

The founder of Five Senses Inc., Reiko Imamura created the “Five Senses Method” from her experience of overcoming a kidney disease through vegetable and fruit juices and serendipity with the five senses in mind, instead of relying on doctors. She decided to open a health bar and cafe with the theme of the five senses in the hope that many people will “have a happy future” by trusting themselves more and using their five senses better, just as she experienced herself.

Healthy and happy lifestyle by using well all five senses
5ive Senses Health Bar & Cafe

The “5” in the logo represents the “five senses” and the “hibiscus which consists of five petals,” therefore the brand name is decided to be “5ive Senses. In Hawaii, the hibiscus is considered a mystical flower dedicated to the gods, a flower of gratitude and blessings. And the language of flowers is “trust and happy future. Hibiscus, which also has health benefits, was chosen as the symbol of “5ive Senses which was born in Hawaii” for the brand visual. The logo with the “5” emphasized and the illustration of the hibiscus represent the brand concept of “a healthy and happy lifestyle in body and mind by using well the five senses”.

Aiming to create a brand that offers an unprecedented new style of “an interactive health bar and café to enjoy with all five senses” and a “healthy and happy lifestyle” that also offers apparel and beauty products, the high-quality, vintage-style design gives the people a “healthy and Hawaiian” image. The brand visuals installed on the exterior windows and interior walls are the signature of the store. By deploying the visual identity on store cards, business cards, uniforms, and various other touch points of contact with the customers, the store aims to spread the brand image.

5IVE SENSES Health Bar & Cafe
5IVE SENSES Health Bar & Cafe Logo

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5IVE SENSES Health Bar & Cafe Branding Design