Branding / Packaging Design


The new cosmetic brand required a total branding system including a logo, packaging, and promotional materials based on the brand concept “Inner natural beauty”. An Elementalist: Element + ist is a sophisticated person who attains a universal core based around the four elements of nature – fire, water, earth and air. An Elementaist offers cosmetic line to enhance inner natural beauty, not artificial beauty. Main target is middle-aged women (30-50 age).

The products with an eye-catching symbol of a heart lying on the grass established a clear differentiation from competitions.

The heart motif illustrates “inner natural beauty”. The heart lies down on the grass with the blowing of a gentle breeze. This relaxing heart represents the brand theme: Inner natural beauty. The logo delivers a message that the brand offers beauty to the body and mind. This simple and modern green logo gives a comfortable, natural impression with the alluring cosmetic packages. The whole branding design was designed to expand for additional product series for the future as well.

elementalist usa inc
elementalist usa inc



The packaging is of a glass bottle put inside a clear tube which emphasizes the brand’s image: simple & clean.

elementalist usa inc

Logo / Business Card


The logo with a natural feel along with the unique business card made of plastic expresses the sophisticated brand image.

elementalist usa inc



We realized an effective sales promotion through a website that illustrated the brand’s atmosphere, as well as the online store.