HiBus Hawaii

Branding / Bus Graphics Design

Client: JTB Hawaii, Inc.

We needed to create a new brand concept in order to introduce 12 new trolley buses to the market and replace the whale-shaped buses, “Oli ‘Oli Walker,” which were a mainstream mode of transportation for tourists. At present, there are multiple trolley buses at each travel agency and that can be confusing for tourists since they don’t know which one to take. Therefore, our aim was to create a special bus that symbolized Hawaii for travelers and a brand that raised the company’s value.

By branding the HiBus, a signature bus symbolizing Hawaii, we were able to increase the company's value through visually impactful design.

To achieve our goal of creating a signature bus that represents Hawaii, we gave the brand an easy to remember name: HiBus (HAWAII + BUS). Furthermore, we used nature, plant, and food motifs that symbolize Hawaii: pineapple, ocean, and Hibiscus. The full body vehicle wrap allows the trolley to be viewed as one block and creates an intense visual impact. With this unique design, the HiBus is clearly recognizable even from a distance and differentiates itself from vehicles owned by other companies. The HiBus is currently circulating all around Honolulu, and in the near future will become a signature trolley that symbolizes Hawaii. Ultimately this will lead to increasing JTB’s company value.

HiBus Honolulu Logo
HiBus Pineapple Trolley

Pineapple Trolley Bus Graphics

HiBus Ocean Trolley

Ocean Trolley Bus Graphics

HiBus Hibiscus Trolley

Hibiscus Trolley Bus Graphics

HiBus Logo

Logo / Emblem / Brand Visual

HiBus Branding