Interactive Game Station “iQ Hawaii”

Branding & Digital Media

Client: Hilton Grand Vacations, DFS Group L.P.

Planning on opening a new space inside T Galleria Hawaii by DFS where visitors from all over the world can enjoy, a design that created a Win-Win situation for both DFS Group who aimed to attract more visitors, and Hilton Grand Vacations who aimed for increased sales revenue was in need. Clarence Lee Design handled the entire design project from planning to visual branding.

Branding an interactive game that entertains visitors while also meeting both the clients' needs with a Win-Win situation.

“iQ Hawaii” is a free interactive game experience where you touch and swipe on a large size screen and play games while learning about Hawaii. The game score results (Hawaii iQ) will tell you how much you know & love about Hawaii, and can also be shared on Facebook or Twitter as a score card with a photo of yourself. iQ Hawaii has attracted attention amongst visitors which lead to increased customers at T Galleria by DFS. In addition, sales revenue was improved by guiding them to Hilton Grand Vacations rooms after the game.

iQ Hawaii
iQ Hawaii

Digital Media / Digital Content Design


An interactive game station with a touch panel game that gives you Hawaii iQ, as well as a score card system that could be shared on SNS.

iQ Hawaii

Game Graphics / Interface Design


3 games such as the catching game where you only touch on plumeria out of all the other flowers, Hawaii island puzzle, and Hawaii related quiz.

iQ Hawaii

Social Media Station Screen Graphics & Interface


Interface that could easily create score cards separated in different colors depending on the game score is available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

iQ Hawaii

Logo / Signage / Print Collateral


A luxurious branding image throughout the entire design including logo, space, signage and print.

iQ Hawaii

iQ Okinawa


Upon the success of iQ Hawaii, T Galleria Okinawa by DFS also built an Okinawa version game station with the same concept.