Kingyo Karaoke Lounge

Store Branding Design

Client: Mr. Ojisan, Inc.

Along with opening “Kingyo,” a karaoke lounge on King Street in Honolulu where you can enjoy liquor, karaoke, and conversations, the client needed us to create a logo and store brand. The customers can enjoy delicious pupu since the place is managed by “Mr. Ojisan,” a Japanese restaurant in Hawaii. The client aimed to provide a safe place for tourists by using a transparent billing system and wanted a brand design that would cover at least the basics for starting a business.

Lead their business to success using a visual identity that uses goldfish as a key visual and branding that effectively uses an impactful wall display.

In order to directly convey the store name “Kingyo,” meaning goldfish in Japanese, we used illustrations of goldfish as symbols and key visuals. By using both bold, hand-drawn qualities and elegant typography, we wanted to build a Kingyo brand that showed “a mature establishment with a friendly atmosphere and quality.” Since the establishment is a bit difficult to see from the street, we strategically used the signs and wall display on the exterior as the store’s signatures, creating impact, and lead to improving the brand’s strength.

Kingyo Karaoke Lounge Graphic
Kingyo Karaoke Lounge Logo

Logo / Symbol / Brand Visual

Kingyo Karaoke Lounge Signage

Outdoor Graphics & Display / Signage

Kingyo Karaoke Bar Lounge Store Card

Store Card

Kingyo Karaoke Bar Lounge Store Exterior