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Client: Kodama Koi Farm

The Kodama Koi Firm, the largest Nishikigoi farm in the US raises and sells ornamental fish Nishikigoi that is one of Japanese traditional cultures and is called a living jewel. They had trouble communicating the value of its originally developed Koi food to consumers. The company decided to renew the product branding and packaging.

Mr. Mamoru Kodama, a professional Koi breeder, dedicated many years to develop this product. Mr. Kodama Koi Food is made from only the highest quality ingredients.

We first analyzed the product’s strengths, competitive research, customer needs, and the value it provides, and then formulated a brand strategy. Since this product is a Koi food developed by Mamoru Kodama, a professional Koi breeder in Japan, at the home of Nishikigoi, through many years of research, we decided to name the brand “Mr. Kodama” to convey the developer’s commitment to the brand. At the same time, we decided to appeal to consumers by writing stories about Mr. Kodama’s development of the product which was not well known to consumers. Because we thought deep knowledge of him would lead to the value of the product brand.

In addition, in order to convey the brand value of “Koi grow big, beautiful, and healthy” by using only fresh, high-quality raw materials, the comparative data of raw materials was presented in an easy-to-understand graph. We also created a brand visual depicting the beautiful colors of the carp that eat this product, which was used on the packaging and landing page. Through the developer’s professionalism and visual branding that evokes Japan, the home of koi, the company aims to become a brand that everyone in the U.S. will say “Mr. Kodama Koi Food” when they think of koi food.

Mr. Kodama Koi Food
Mr. Kodama Koi Food

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Mr. Kodama Koi Food