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Client: Clarence Lee Design

Clarence Lee Design, a Hawaii-based branding and design firm, has launched a new service for Hawaii lovers living in Japan to propose and create together a “new way to engage with Hawaii” that goes one step beyond the tourist’s perspective. The company provides total support for those who are considering moving to Hawaii and those who want to expand their business in Japan to Hawaii. WAAP aims to be a bridge between Hawaii and Japan so that Hawaii and Japan can have a closer relationship than ever before and contribute to both societies in any way possible.

Create your Hawaii Life
Visually expressing ``Hawaii x Japan + Work x Play``

When “HAWAII” and “JAPAN” are connected vertically, the four letters of the alphabet “W, A, A, P” emerge. The “W” stands for “Work” and the “P” stands for “Play,” and the brand name “WAAP” expresses the idea of “creating a new way of life in Hawaii and Japan by enriching both work and play. The logo, consisting of two “A “s, represents the connection between Hawaii and Japan, and is a unique visual representation of the brand concept “Hawaii x Japan + Work x Play”.

Hawaiian colors of red and yellow, typographic graphics in Japanese and English, and photographs with a Hawaiian feel give viewers a sense of the fun and excitement of the Hawaiian lifestyle. In addition, illustrations and icons make it easy to understand complex service details. The service is being developed in print and digital media, mainly on the Web and SNS, for the target Japanese audience. After its release, it was picked up by many Japanese media and became a hot topic, and was a success as branding for the new service.

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