Yohei Sushi

Sushi Restaurant Branding & Promotion

Client: Yohei Sushi Restaurant, Hiroshima Mazda

YOHEI SUSHI” is a long-established sushi restaurant in Hawaii for over 30 years and has been loved by local people for many years. They decided to open their second restaurant in Hawaii based on the concept of providing a memorable surprise that can be enjoyed by all five senses through food, atmosphere, and people by fusing the new Hawaiian culture. In Hawaii’s highly competitive restaurant industry, there was a need for branding to create uniqueness and differentiation.

Bringing Japan’s finest to Hawaii. Make it Unforgettable. A truly immersive, Five-sense experience.

Honor to Japanese immigrants who have endured 150 years of history, Gratitude to Hawaii for acceptance and supporting a peaceful integration, and return the favor by providing a new fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian culture to contribute to the creation of the next generation of Hawaiian culture. We created a brand book that visualizes these three YOHEI SUSHI philosophies, and began by creating a brand strategy as well as sharing awareness within and outside the company. By distributing the book and dinner invitation tickets as an invitation kit, we aimed for branding through a word-of-mouth strategy.

In addition, to promote the excellence of the food and atmosphere, we created content from photography and video to posters, flyers, and other printed materials, as well as a website and social networking services to effectively promote the restaurant. As in-store touchpoint tools, we also created store cards as well as YOHEI cards that provide customers with the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture from various menus. The true product of YOHEI SUSHI is the “surprising experience” and the “people” who provide it. To this end, branding measures have just started, including the training of all staff members of course, as well as various measures to create an enjoyable time for customers.

Yohei Sushi Logo
Yohei Sushi Invitation Kit & Ticket

Invitation Kit & Dinner Certificate

Brand Concept Book

Brand Concept Book

Photo & Video Shooting "STORE"

Photo & Video Shooting “STORE”

Photo & Video Shooting "FOOD"

Photo & Video Shooting “FOOD”



Yohei Sushi Promotion Design

Poster, Flyer, Store Card

Visual Identity & Brand Guidelines

Visual Identity & Brand Guidelines