Brand Book Design

Client: Paradise Plan Co., Ltd.

The snow-like, powdered salt, “Yukishio,” is cultivated on Miyakojima which is located in Okinawa, Japan. Yukishio is very popular in Japan because it is rich in minerals and has a mellow taste. In addition to their edible products, their skin care products that use Yukishio are becoming popular. In the future, in order to expand Yukushio to countries other than Japan, and to target foreign tourists visiting Japan, it was necessary to have a branding and promotional strategy in English. Paradise Plan wanted to increase the number of Yukishio fans outside of Japan and start building the foundation for global expansion.

A brand book for the English-speaking market, which is the basis of branding for global expansion. The book enables unified branding based on the concept of 'Healthy Powdered Salt'.

Firstly, we aimed to build a brand image of “Yukishio = Healthy Salt” based on Yukishio’s strengths and features. We set up the brand concept of “Healthy Powdered Salt” to meet the health-conscious needs of the English-speaking market. Next, as a part of phase 1, we created a “branding book for the English market” that will be the core for future development; the book summarizes the brand’s concept/story, the product’s features, and the suggestions on how to use the salt to create delicious flavors. This was a result of listing up and organizing information on touch point tools necessary for food exhibitions and stores in the United States and in Asia. We have planned everything so that in the future we can use this branding book as a basis to achieve a more efficient production of various branding tools, while enabling unified branding.

Yukishio Book Concept
Yukishio Book

Yukishio Brand Book

Yukishio Brand Book

Ocean to Table – Yukishio

Yukishio Branding Book

Ocean to Home – Yukishio Labo Skincare

Yukishio Brand Book

Yukishio Information