“Re:HI” Hawaii Design Story Project Concept

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he role of Design in Hawaii:  How, and Where??


“Re:HI – Inspiring Hawaii through Design” is a project which draws completely from various designer’s POV. Recognizing, and re-evaluating design embedded throughout Hawaii’s society, life, culture, tourism, environment, and information areas.




Hula is the way of telling stories through dance or movement in ancient Hawaii.

The hands always “speak” the story, while the feet capture the rhythm of the beat.

Hand movements express the sun, mountain, wind, wave, star or love.

Like the hands of hula, Re:HI aims to communicate a story about Hawaii.




As a Hawaii-based design company, we want to communicate appealing information about Hawaii to the world, while at the same time replying/contributing to Hawaii’s future.


Clarence Lee Design!


Re:HI | Table of Contents

001 – Corporations Design in “Green”

002 – Souvenirs with both function and design

003 – Smart Design leads City of Honolulu