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The Sign Master Plan

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n an effort to preserve and perpetuate Hawai‘i’s natural beauty, the City of Honolulu has established relatively restrictive sign regulations. The primary goal of the regulations is to limit sign clutter and preserve the views of our natural surroundings. To that end, the City adopted a program referred to as the Sign Master Plan.


The Sign Master Plan gives certain business owners an opportunity to get up to 20% more signage than what is allowed by the standard Land Use Ordinance. To participate in the Plan, the business owner establishes a cohesive signage program that applies to the owner and all tenants within the development.


Sign Master Safeway


A Perfect Match

Safeway Inc. was the ideal client to take advantage of the City’s program. Over decades of developing properties throughout North America, Safeway has developed a strong brand that is easily recognizable by its customers. Consistent use of signage and graphics that blend with the architecture has been a key element in Safeway’s success as a national supermarket chain.


CLD worked with Safeway and the City of Honolulu to develop a Sign Master Plan program for the new Safeway Kapahulu store and surrounding retail tenants. The key element in securing approval from the City was the incorporation of the taro motif in all of the signage within the development.


In exchange, the City granted Safeway the 20% additional signage allotment under the Sign Master Plan program. The Kapahulu Safeway Sign Master Plan is now the established ordinance for this property.


Sign Master Safeway


Art Direction & Design: Richard Vierra
Design & Production: Glenn Coloma
Production: Ryan Ragus