Branding, Packaging, Print, Digital, Environmental.


We are a Branding Design agency that offers a full design service suite to our clients.

Branding & Identity Design


The foundation of any successful company. The brand identity is the starting point to realizing your vision.

New Identity Pack

Starting a new business, or reviving a company brand image. The New Identity Pack offers everything you need to build a design strategy and maintain your company identity.

New Product Pack

Businesses looking for packaging design ideas for new products. New brand image creation, and product packaging to develop a branding strategy that enhances your presence in the market.

New Store Pack

For new location openings, or existing location refresh. Offering all the necessary graphic design tools for retail store and restaurant locations.

New Event Pack

Organizing new and existing events or exhibitions. Offering all the necessary graphic design tools to create a strong, unique and eye catching event display.

For companies expanding to Hawaii and local companies targeting the Japanese market

CLD is highly experienced in both the Hawaii and Japan market. Our seasoned staff can help develop a strong brand identity for entry into the US market. For local and US domestic companies targeting the Japan domestic market, as well as the Japanese visitor market here in Hawaii, we create all forms of promotional design tools.

HGVC Sales Kit

Print Design


From corporate stationery, to brochures and advertisements. We handle everything from planning & design, to final printing and delivery.

Service List
  • Stationery: Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads, Folders, Labels
  • Brochure: Corporate, Sales, Annual Reports, Catalogs
  • Promotions: Posters, Flyers, Direct Mailers
  • Advertising: Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads
  • Events: Invitations, Programs, Menus, Cards

Package / Product Design


Incorporating everything from product package planning & design, to final fabrication.

Service List
  • Food Packaging: Paper and canned boxes, pouches, bags, labels
  • Beverage Packaging: Drinkware, glass and plastic bottles
  • Product Packaging: Cosmetic glass and plastic containers
  • Character Goods: Character costumes, stuffed dolls, figure pens, key-chains
  • Novelty Goods: Eco Bags, clear folders, pens
  • Promotional Goods: CD & DVD jackets and boxes, POP displays
  • Apparels: Uniforms, hats, Tshirts, Aloha Shirts
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Salon Chérie

Digital / Web Design


High quality websites for corporations and brands. We handle everything from planning & design, to final development.

Service List
  • Websites: Company and Brand websites
  • E-commerce: Shopping sites, management
  • Digital Media: Interactive media and production
  • Web Marketing: Banner ads, CMS activities, SNS linkage, SEO measures

Environmental Design


Large resort facilities and shopping center wayfinding, to store and exhibition signs & displays.

Service List
  • Environmental Design: Exhibitions, showrooms, sales galleries
  • Vehicle Graphics: Airplanes, trains, bus, cars
  • Displays: Outdoors and indoors large-scale graphics
  • Signage: Stores, buildings, offices
  • Sign Master Plan, Wayfinding: Sign systems of resort, hotels, shopping centers and schools
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Photo & Video Shooting

On-location, art direction, and product photo shoots.

Copywriting & Translation

Print, advertisements, websites: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.


Both in-house and external / analogue & digital illustration.


Management, consultation, materials, special printing, value engineering.

Multilingual design development support in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese