Launched WAAP, a service to create a new way of life related to Hawaii!

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Clarence Lee Design, a Hawaii branding and design firm, has launched a new service for Hawaii lovers living in Japan, whether corporate or individual, to propose and create new ways to engage with Hawaii that go beyond the traditional tourist’s perspective. We have launched this service to propose and create a “new way to interact with Hawaii” for Hawaii lovers in Japan.


As the Corona pandemic changes the way people work and live, we feel that more people are considering leaving Japan and moving to Hawaii, or are looking to expand their business in Japan to Hawaii, a familiar foreign country. We would like to be the “first step” for these people. We would like to be your first casual consultant.


Those who wants to work and play both in Hawaii and Japan! who wants to live a life that is true to themselves! If you are thinking “I want to live my own life in Hawaii and Japan! WAAP is the service for you.


Create your Hawaii Life

The name comes from the four letters of the alphabet, “W, A, A, P,” which appear when “HAWAII” and “JAPAN” are connected vertically. The “W” stands for “Work” and the “P” stands for “Play,” and the name reflects the idea of “creating a new way of life in Hawaii and Japan, where work and play are more fulfilling. We hope that WAAP will be a bridge between Hawaii and Japan that brings the two countries closer than ever before and contributes to both societies by increasing the number of people entering and moving to Hawaii through WAAP.

Hawaii x Japan + Work x Play

About “WAAP,” a total support service to help expand into Hawaii


The concept of WAAP is to “create a new way of life that engages with Hawaii.” If you are looking for business only, we do not recommend Hawaii because of its small market. However, Hawaii has beautiful nature, culture, people, and a healing atmosphere.


We believe that by engaging with Hawaii, you will be able to live a happier life. The purpose of expanding to Hawaii, in our opinion, is not only to succeed in business, but also to create a happy life with family, employees, and friends. There are various ways to interact with Hawaii, from business expansion to immigration or just for fun. We will help you find your own unique way to interact with Hawaii and realize your dream of fulfilling both work and play in HAWAII and Japan.


With WAAP, you can establish a base in Hawaii right away, and our unique Hawaii expansion roadmap will be the first step for your Hawaii expansion. We will support your preparation according to that plan as your Hawaii expatriate, and support you with all the necessary elements to expand your business to Hawaii. The WAAP team contains a wide variety of experts who will help you to fulfill your business and personal needs. The WAAP leads you to realize your dreams.


This is what we can do because we are not a travel agency, a real estate company, or a business consulting firm, but a branding and design company. Life branding & produce “WAAP” to design your own way of life.

Hawaii x Japan + Work x Play

Reason Clarence Lee Design started WAAP


The new coronavirus pandemic has also severely damaged Hawaii’s economy, which relies heavily on tourism. The long-term corona disaster has given us the opportunity to think about new values and ways of life, including how we work and relate to our families and friends. We thought that we could do something about this because Clarence Lee Design (CLD) has been providing branding services to companies in Hawaii and Japan for many years.


Branding, in CLD’s opinion, is the “visualization and embodiment” (value creation) of a company’s intentions and stance that are determined at establishment (product development). If so, branding is, in other words, visualizing the dreams of all people about how they will live their lives and creating a new way of life.


If we expand the scope of our branding services to include supporting Japanese companies expanding into Hawaii and Hawaii companies expanding into Japan, we can help everyone, regardless of whether they are corporations or individuals, to “get more deeply involved in Hawaii and create a lifestyle that fits your tastes = branding for your life. We believe this is what CLD can do after pandemic, that is also contribute to the Hawaiian society


In our experience, we have seen many Japanese companies give up in the preparation stage before starting business, or withdraw after a few years due to poor operations after starting business. Many of the reasons for this are due to the differences in business customs between Hawaii and Japan. In short, the main cause is that they start preparations without a solid understanding of the local market and information, and without a solid research, strategy, and plan tailored to the Hawaiian market. We launched “WAAP” to provide comprehensive assistance to Japanese companies expanding to Hawaii, from business preparation to start-up, because we truly want to reduce such cases and increase the number of Japanese companies succeeding in Hawaii.

◆ What is Clarence Lee Design?


It is a design firm founded in Honolulu in 1966 by the late Clarence Lee. He was a pioneer in the Hawaii design industry and was honored as a “Living Treasure in Hawaii” in 2001, and his designs can still be seen throughout Hawaii. Many of his designs are well known to everyone, including the Hawaiian Host, Bishop Museum, Aloha Festival, Ko Olina Resort, Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii Electric Company (HECO), Central Pacific Bank, and many others.


Kuni Yamamoto, the current president and art director, sympathizes with his passion for design and philosophy centering on branding, and in 2007 he continued Clarence Lee’s intention, and has been providing even more design to the Hawaiian community. In addition to U.S. companies, Kuni Yamamoto has also provided comprehensive brand strategy planning, logo, print, web, and space design services to Japanese companies looking to expand into Hawaii (U.S.). CLD has won Hawaii’s largest advertising & design award, the “PELE AWARD (American Advertising Association),” every year since 2009 to the present.”