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Yasuda Women’s University International Tourism & Business students visit CLD

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On May 27th, International Tourism & Business students from Yasuda Women’s University at Hiroshima, Japan, who are now studying abroad at University of Hawaii at Manoa, visited CLD for a company tour. Hoping to give the students some useful information as they now learn about international business, Clarence Lee Design president Kuni Yamamoto talked about having businesses in Hawaii and Japan, and also the mentality of managing a business world-wide. He talked about the importance of branding that integrates the creative aspect with business thinking, as well as the mechanism of local revitalization, social contribution and international activities of the collaborative project between CLD and Hawaii Tourism Japan, the 111-HAWAII PROJECT.


Clarence Lee Design, a design firm that has produced numerous design proposals and branding projects to connect businesses between Hawaii and Japan, hopes to continue joining in such activities and becoming the bridge between Hawaii and Japan in the future as well.


Yasuda Women's University