YOHEI SUSHI, Hawaii’s Long-established Sushi Restaurant, Starts a New Challenge in Kahala

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OHEI SUSHI KAHALA opened in January 2024 in the Kuono Marketplace shopping mall across from Kahala Mall.

YOHEI SUSHI was established in Honolulu’s Kalihi area in 1990, when there were not many authentic sushi restaurants in Hawaii. Since then, YOHEI SUSHI has continued to bring the Japanese food culture of “Sushi” to Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Obara, who immigrated from Hiroshima, opened the restaurant with the desire to “bring happiness and a bright future to everyone we meet by allowing Hawaii residents to enjoy sushi, a Japanese culture, and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere.” It has been loved by local residents for many years.


However, as Mr. Obara became elderly, he began to talk about retirement, and when he was considering closing the store in 2017, the current owner, Tetsuya Matsuda, Chairman and CEO of Hiroshima Mazda, a MAZDA automobile sales company, asked him to wait.



For Mr. Matsuda, the inspiration was his desire not to end his sushi restaurant, which had always been loved by the local community and which he also loved, but in fact, he had deeper feelings for Hiroshima and Hawaii. Hiroshima Mazda lost all of its employees when the atomic bomb was dropped on the city in 1945, and the company building was destroyed. From the devastated city, where it was said that nothing will grow, Hiroshima Mazda has grown along with the restoration of the city.


On the other hand, Japanese immigration to Hawaii began in 1868, with harsh labor and living conditions in the sugar cane fields, as well as Japanese Americans who were sent to internment camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The long history of hardships endured by Japanese Americans in Hawaii is much too long to tell. These same Japanese Americans however, laid the foundation of Hawaii’s society and culture, contributing greatly to the growth of Hawaii today.


In Hawaii, there is a “sorrow” that Hiroshima shares, and there is a “hope” that can only be felt in this place. With the hope of seeing “strength of people” who have overcome trials and tribulations, and above all, “a future full of kindness” in the eyes of everyone, and “Honor” for the Japanese immigrants and Nikkei who overcame their ordeals and contributed to Hawaii, “Gratitude” to Hawaii for accepting them, Hiroshima Mazda decided to take over the store out of a desire to repay the people of Hawaii for their kindness.

Yohei Sushi Kahala

There are many things that were brought to Hawaii by Japanese immigrants and fused with Hawaiian culture, such as Spam musubi, aloha shirts, and bon dance. Also, there are many words that remain in Japanese, such as “bento” and “okazu”. Like this, YOHEI’s challenges began with the hope of contributing to the creation of the next generation of Hawaiian culture, and to propose to the local people a surprising fusion of the best of today’s Japan and Hawaii.


Please experience the “enjoyable and memorable surprises with all five senses” through the food, space, and people that are the result of the new cultural fusion of Hawaii and Japan.


Yohei Sushi KAHALA
Kū’ono Marketplace
4210 Waialae Ave, #102, Honolulu, HI 96816

Yohei Sushi Food

Clarence Lee Design is in charge of the overall branding and promotion of YOHEI SUSHI, including the concept and strategy development. In particular, the brand book visualizing the YOHEI philosophy and the invitation kit containing dinner tickets in a sleeve were very successful, and the word-of-mouth effect immediately after the opening led to media coverage on TV and in newspapers.


The restaurant was also promoted through photography, video, posters, flyers, and other printed and digital media to promote the excellence of the food and space. We also implemented a variety of measures to create an enjoyable time for customers in the restaurant, such as cards and menus that offer learning about Japanese culture.
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