Dog & Cat Elixir

Packaging Design

Pele Grace Co., Ltd.

Beauty-related product maker “Pele’s Grace” named after the Hawaiian goddess “Pele” has developed supplements for pets in a popular aging care supplement INNER GRACE series. As the first supplement for pets, the challenge was how to visually appeal while trying to differentiate it from human products. We needed a package design to solve them.

New addition to the popular aging care supplement Inner Grace series, products for pets ``DOG & CAT Elixir``.

By naming the products ” No.02 –DOG ELIXIR “and” No.03 –CAT ELIXIR “, it is easy to understand that the product is for pets in the same series as the existing product” No.01 –SKIN ELIXIR “. In addition, since it is used by sprinkle on pet food, we made a package which can be easily taken out, compact and self-standing.

While the package of human supplements is a luxurious and antique design, we made a natural and cute design for this product to differentiate it. The graphic pattern of the footprints of cute dogs and cats is used as a key visual, and the handwritten style product logo and pastel colors make it feel natural. Overall, by finishing it with an elegant taste, it also leads to the branding of the entire Pele Grace.

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Dog & Cat Elixir

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