Sales Kit – Hilton Grand Vacations

Point of Sales Kit, Print Collateral & Promotion Design

Client: Hilton Grand Vacations

Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) needed a group of collateral pieces that could support its point of sale stage for timeshare purchases. Upon finalizing the purchase of a timeshare, HGV wanted to create a kit for their new customers to take home large amount of legal documents, various welcome pieces, and iPad mini thank you present. The goal was to make the customers feel special as a new timeshare owner when receiving this kit.

A layout and design that achieved all objectives expressed the excitement and joy of a new timeshare owner.

Because of the shear amount of documents being included, we designed a custom folder that could carry the heavy load of documents and keep them secure. The accompanying standard folder shared the same curve pocket aesthetic housing welcome pieces. Lastly the custom carrying bag was designed to be purposely slim in width to hold both folders and also the iPad mini present securely and cleanly. The design visuals implemented a custom plumeria and hibiscus watercolor illustration throughout all pieces. The result was a memorable thank you and new welcome piece which conveyed all the emotional excitement and sense of new timeshare ownership.

HGVC Sales Kit
HGVC Sales Kit

Paper Bag


We used a slim bag considering the weight and size of the documents. A special bag with custom paper and string.

HGVC Sales Kit

Introduction Kit Folder / Standard Folder


A custom made special folder with a curve pocket, graphically designed with watercolor illustration making full use of white space.