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Beauty-related product maker “Pele’s Grace” named after the Hawaiian goddess “Pele”. Pele ’s Grace has developed its first supplement product. The challenge was how to enhance the brand power of Pele’s Grace with this new product, by including its relationship with its main skin care series product. In order to overcome this and achieve the purpose as a concept strategy, it was necessary to design the product naming and packaging.

The branding conveys the philosophy of Pele's Grace
Aging care supplement “INNER GRACE” which makes you feel beauty from the inside of your body

One of the Pele’s Grace philosophies is the idea of “providing true beauty both on the inside and on the outside.” The new product is positioned as a product that beautifies from the “inside”, and in order to achieve a synergistic effect with the main product “Skin Care Series” which beautifies the outside, the branding was centered on the Pele’s Grace’s philosophy.

First, the series name was “INNER GRACE” so that consumers could intuitively feel “beauty from the inside”, and clarified the product positioning. The product name is “Elixir”, which has a fantasy type nuance such as “magical medicine and rejuvenation”, and the first product in the Inner Grace series is “No.01–SKIN ELIXIR”, which has helpful effects on the skin. The product package is based on the concept of “a magical medicine box that makes you feel beautiful from the inside”. It gives the feeling of luxury and antiquity, while at the same time implementing the design of Pele’s Grace brand color red to realize the visual branding.

In the future, Pele’s Grace will grow into a brand with a stronger philosophy by the “Inner Grace Series”, an aging care supplement that makes you beautiful from the inside of your body.

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