Interactive Photo Station “Say Hi!”

Branding & Digital Media

Client: Don Quijote USA Inc.

“Don Quijote (Kaheka store)” is a popular super market amongst locals. The goal was to attract visitors who tend to stay in Waikiki by putting something interesting in the space by the entrance. A total support from project planning to installation was done by CLD.

Branding an interactive activity using digital media. Creating a strategy that matched this social era that lead to attracting more tourists.

We developed the “Say Hi!” space where visitors can take unique photos as a memory of visiting Hawaii which will eventually spread through the visitors words-of-mouth. When stood in front of the monitor, the sensor automatically recognizes the face, then composes Hawaiian style images around. The photo data can be sent to the users’ emails afterwards. A free fun space incorporated with interactive media, where users will want to post fun photos of their Hawaiian style transformed self onto their social media, which will eventually spread through, leading to attracting more visitors.

Say Hi!
Say Hi!

Logo / Digital Media


A branding that expresses the fun entertainment of “Say Hi!” through a logo combined with Don Quijote’s character.

Say Hi!

Environmental Graphics


The graphics on the wall and floor that is placed to lead customers towards the monitor brings impact and displays it as a special space.

Say Hi!

Screen Graphics / Interface Design


Transform into 4 different Hawaiian styles through an intuitive simple touch panel interface in both English and Japanese.