RHC Hawaii

Store Branding

Client: Royal Hawaiian Cookie

Upon opening a directly managed store of Royal Hawaiian Cookie in Waikiki, a store branding for “RHC Hawaii” was in need. By directly selling the popular cookies which had been sold at Neiman Marcus and such, sales channel expansion and increased sales were expected, therefore a branding that appealed towards tourists from all over the world was the goal.

Image unification between popular product 'Royal Hawaiian Cookie' and store brand 'RHC Hawaii' through branding to achieve synergy.

In order to unify an already-known Royal Hawaiian Cookie with this new store brand, we created a new logo of a leaf motif which symbolized the existing cookie packages. It helped emphasize a Hawaiian feel and add value as a souvenir from Hawaii, while showing a connection with Royal Hawaiian Cookie. At the same time, we added more unification by using the cookie brand color brown for the store displays. We established a unique and luxurious brand image with an improved website, as well as the graphic unified paper bag and uniform.

RHC Hawaii
RHC Hawaii

Logo / Window Graphics


We created a store image that would raise the value of the Hawaiian gift “Royal Hawaiian Cookie” through a visual expantion around the logo.

RHC Hawaii

Paper Bag / Uniform


The paper bag increase advertising effects on the streets with its natural feeling and a sense of Hawaii quality by combining kraft paper and the logo.

RHC Website

Multilingual and Responsive Website


Conveyed the products characteristic and attracted more customers using multilingual support and mobile friendly design.