Washin Air

Branding / Corporate Identity Design

Client: Washin Air, Inc.

Washin Air who offers flight services on cessna planes such as experience-based operation, sight-seeing flights and flight school for pilots in Hawaii aims to establish an airline of their own, which lead them to rebranding as the next step. Their goal is to expand business by improving the company image. Target audience are visitors from all around the world.

Deepened the staff's understanding of the company philosophy to strengthen customer service through visual branding.

The logo design motif of an “airplane” communicates the type of business in an intuitive way. The symbol with which “W” and “A” of the company’s name (Washin Air) are combined by expressing the company’s philosophy “Worldwide/Wing/Washin”. An airplane flying towards W (Worldwide) also symbolizes the goal of business expansion to the world. The typographic logo which is a set of the slogan and service content, and the corporate logo; by using these two logos as visuals on airplanes, signage, business cards and cars, it will create a stylish professional brand image.

Washin Air Inc.
Washin Air Inc.

Logo / Business Card


Having both the corporate logo and service logo made it possible for a wide variety of brand expantion to additional tools. The business card shaped like a tail of a plane also helps raising sales efficiency.

Washin Air Inc.

Airplane Graphics


The airplanes—the symbol of the whole business—were designed to enhance the brand visual on the tail to give a sense of reliability on their safeness.

Washin Air Inc.

Environmental / Signage


The large sign of the service logo and entrance emphasizing the brand color red expresses the excitement of the customers.

Washin Air Inc.

Car Graphics


The shuttle car which provides transportation from Waikiki to Honolulu Airport increases the advertisement effects with its impactful cool design.

Washin Air Inc.



Focusing on its functionality, the polo-shirt uniform was made of mesh fabric in the brand color with the logo embroidered leading to better teamwork.

Washin Air Inc.
Washin Air Website on Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Website (Multilingual and Responsive)


Made in English and Japanese for the main target audience. A responsive design that communicates the appeal of a dynamic air tour.

Washin Air Promotional Video Frames

Promotional Movie


Made a video that effectively showed the appeal of experiencing Hawaii’s natural beauty from the sky, and used as a promotion tool on the website and other social media.