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Aloha spreads fast

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We here at Clarence Lee Design would first like to convey our deepest sympathy and prayers for those people and families who have suffered through these recent tragic events of the earthquake/tsunami that occurred in Japan.


Soon after the tragic event occurred, many relief activities, and groups were formed all over the world, and are still continuing to form even now. Hawaii is no exception. With our close relationship with Japan, Hawaii residents, musicians, and event organizations have already starting stepping up to help coordinate local relief efforts in several forms such as charity concert and events. “ALOHA” T-shirt created by GRP Home Co. (A hui of local clothing designers) is in high demand now. It eventually lead to the formation of the “Aloha for Japan Committee” comprised of Hawaii’s state government, Japan Consul General and local business leaders. Now the Hawaii banks offer the public 275 bank branches state wide for people who wish to make a donation for this relief effort.


The word “Aloha” is used in Hawaii as a greeting and expression. Aloha means love; Aloha means Hello; Aloha means Thanks. More than a word though, aloha is truly a feeling. Mutual regard and affection for one another, and extends warmth and caring, with no obligation in return. We are so impressed by the enormous amount of various relief efforts driven by people’s “Aloha” and we have been thinking about what we can do for the Aloha relief effort as a design company in Hawaii. We want to join the effort in supporting the message of “Aloha for Japan.”


To start off, we have prepared a flyer you can post asking for donations, we have also created an iPhone & iPad wallpaper to show support for the cause. Please feel free to download and use them to spread the message “Aloha for Japan”!