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Hawaii Tourism Japan launches official YouTube channel “HiTube”!

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Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ) has launched its official YouTube channel “HiTube” on November 12, 2012.

This YouTube channel serves as a marketing tool specifically targeting the Japanese market, in which users can create their own original itineraries using HTJ’s selected videos, and can also share that itinerary via email and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


All videos are searchable via two main launch pads: search via nine distinctive travel aspirations when in Hawaii, and search via the six main islands in Hawaii. The site also offers unique travel tips and informational videos. The site started with a of total 45 videos, however HTJ will continue to add more videos as it moves along.


The production of “HiTube” was a collaborative effort between three Honolulu based companies: Clarence Lee Design (Graphic Design Company), Hawaii2eSolution (Internet Marketing Company), and Propeller USA (Video Production Company). Clarence Lee Design was responsible for the HiTube brand planning/design, and overall visual design of the site.



HiTube channel


HiTube channel