CLD Holiday 2011

‘Tis the Season!

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e hope you enjoy our selection of Christmas E-Cards that are sure to give you a laugh or two. May the beauty of the season bring you much joy and peace throughout the coming year. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!


Graphic Design Division
Starring Kuni Yamamoto, Laron Miyashiro, and Etsuko Ono


Environmental Graphic Design Division
Starring Richard Vierra, Glennford Coloma, and Ryan Ragus


Administration Assistant and Business Manager
Starring Jan Moore and Edith Kawashima



It’s funny how things never turn out the way you plan.  The average shopper, for example, can enter a department store with a set list of gifts to buy and walk out with an extra bag or two of things they weren’t planning to get because they were on sale.  Christmas is always full of high expectations and high tension.  Retail employees are put to the true test dealing with “the crazy customer” who always manages to shove a paper in their face saying, “…but it says right here that it’s 75% off!?!”  Company executives are crunching numbers to see just how many Christmas bonuses they can afford to spare.  Parents are desperately trying to play Santa.  Others, in the meantime, try to avoid every single stress-starter but always manage to find themselves at the back of a never-ending cashier line.


This season, we decided to take that stress and make your frown turn upside down with a “simple” Christmas Card.  E-cards can often be thought of as “the easy way out,” but I assure you that those clips above is worth your while. has become very popular and we couldn’t help but get on that bandwagon.  Remember how things never turn out the way you plan?  In that same spirit, these cards are “not as it seems”.  If you’ve ever experienced a e-card, I’m sure you could think of a number of things that you “wouldn’t expect”.


So as you go about checking off your Christmas list or even checking off the days till the season is over, we hope you keep us in mind here at Clarence Lee Design and the amount of thought (and ridiculous-ness) that went into putting these cards together. Keep smiling and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!