Clarence Lee Design appears in the latest video of the popular Hawaiian YouTube channel POCKET HAWAII, “Hawaii’s Secrets No One Tells You”!

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As the number of You Tubers living in Hawaii continues to increase, “POCKET HAWAII” is a popular as a pioneer YouTube channel that delivers information about Hawaii along with beautiful views of Hawaii. With 38,300 subscribers and 9.42 million total views, POCKET HAWAII is one of the top-ranking Japanese Hawaiian YouTube channels. (As of October 2022).

Pocket Hawaii, which provides the latest information and casual views of Hawaii under the concept of ” Bring Hawaii Closer to You,” featured the Hawaii branding and design firm Clarence Lee Design in their video titled “Hawaii’s Secrets That No One Tells You.

[Surprise after surprise] During your stay in Hawaii, you are sure to see those souvenirs, trolleys, and hotels! The truth is…
99% of travelers don’t know about Hawaii! I’ll tell you the secrets of Hawaii that no one tells you!

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YouTube Pocket Hawaii

The video opens with the question, “What do Diamond Head State Monument, Safeway, and Hokulani Waikiki have in common?” and if you can figure it out at this point, you are a super Hawaii expert. They came to the Clarence Lee Design office to investigate this common point. Please watch the video for the answer.

YouTube Pocket Hawaii

YouTube Pocket Hawaii

YouTube Pocket Hawaii

And in the second half of the video, WAAP is introduced which is a business expansion support service operated by Clarence Lee Design for those who are considering expanding their business to Hawaii as a new way of life or business opportunity. WAAP’s shared office space in Clarence Lee Design’s office and the building’s shared facilities, including a swimming pool, BBQ area, and driving range, are also introduced.

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POCKET HAWAII is not only on YouTube, it also has a popular Instagram and Twitter page with popular projects such as 10-second Hawaii and Pocket Hawaii quizzes.

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