Visual Identity & Packaging Design

Client: Sun Noodle Brand

Sun Noodle, the number one market share noodle maker in the U.S. industry, decided to renew the product packaging for its flagship Classic Noodle Series products, which include various types of Ramen, Yakisoba, Udon, etc. As the number of products increased, the old packaging was losing its sense of unity, and the design needed to include Sun Noodle’s branding as a flagship product. In addition, since there are so many products in the lineup, it was also a challenge to make them easy to understand for consumers in the stores.

Sun Noodle has redesigned the packaging of its flagship noodle series! To a simple and sophisticated design that stands out in stores

We designed all product packaging in a unified format of the Sun Noodle logo, product name, and cooking image photo to be displayed on all product packaging. In addition, by displaying the company’s original “ECO PAC” mark, which indicates the use of less packaging material than before, the Sun Noodle brand has been branded with a sense of unity. The color-coded design makes the differences between the three categories instantly recognizable: “white” for the RAMEN line, which includes Shoyu, Miso, and Tonkotsu; “black” for the TRADITIONAL line, which includes Yakisoba, Nihon Soba, and Udon; and “pattern” for the another ORIENTAL line, which includes Okinawa Soba and Saimin.

In the supermarket food section, there are many competitors’ lively packages, so the design was conversely designed to stand out on the store shelves by creating a clean, simple, and sophisticated design. The family crest of the owner, Mr. Uki, is used as the pattern on the background, which gives the impression of high quality authentic Japanese noodles. By describing the story of each product on the backside, it also serves to educate the American market about the Japanese noodle. As a result, the package design has been successful in increasing sales since its launch.

Classic Noodles Series


Classic Noodles Series Ramen Package
Traditional Noodles Series Package


Oriental Noodles Series Package


Okinawa soba & Saimin