100% Dark Roast Kona Coffee

Coffee Bag Packaging

Client: UCC Hawaii Corporation

UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate who manages a coffee farm on the Big Island, Kona needed a new package design for their 100% dark roast Kona coffee in order to increase its sales. Their coffee is sold at the kiosk inside the farm where customers visit from all over the world. The goal was to make it a high added-value product as the chosen gift from the Big Island, and also to differentiate UCC from other competitors.

The product sales increased significantly from its added-value as the chosen gift from the Big Island, as well as its luxurious packaging.

By carefully implementing a lava image for the package design we were able to communicate the Made in Hawaii aspect, the Kona Coffee (Big island lava) aspect, and unique, distinct dark, burnt flavoring of the dark roast all in one image. The usage of black & gold colors and typography brings a luxurious feel expressing the top-quality 100% Kona coffee. After applying this new package design, the product sales increased significantly.

UCC Dark Roast Kona Coffee
UCC Dark Roast Kona Coffee



Compared to the cheap packaging from other companies with stickers on a already-made aluminum bag, the unique sophisticated design created a strong visual differentiation.

UCC Dark Roast Kona Coffee