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Mālama Mask & Shaka-chan Brand Identity

Hawaiʻi Tourism Japan

In order to develop various products with the official character of Hawaiʻi Tourism Japan “Shaka-chan” which acts as a messenger to spread ALOHA, visual identity such as the logo, symbol color of the brand was necessary. In addition, when the Hawaiʻi Tourism Japan made a mask as the first PR product, the issue was how to connect it to the educational activities of “Mālama Mindset”, which is the vision of the Hawaiiʻi Tourism Authority.

Spread the heart of “Aloha” with the Shaka-chan brand and convey the heart of “Mālama” with a mask.

In making “Shaka-chan”, which originally existed only in illustrations as a symbol mark, and by transforming it a symbolic and minimal design so that it could be easily implemented into various products and firmly recognized at small sizes, enabled unique branding ability.  In addition, as a messenger to spread ALOHA, the brand logo is designed to combine the “ALOHA” typographic and the “Shaka-chan”.

“Mālama” means “to cherish” in Hawaiian. By developing the masks with three different colors,  it became easy to convey the message of the three concepts of “Mālama Hawaiʻi (cherish Hawaiian culture)”, “Mālama Honua (cherish Hawaiian sea)”, and “Mālama Mandate (cherish Hawaiian environment)”.  And also, the design that combines the geometric pattern of Hawaii’s traditional craft “Kapa”, which symbolizes Hawaii’s nature and culture, with the Mālama message implying “Travelers and people who live in Hawaii will consider each other and cooperate.” This fashionable mask that makes people feel Hawaii encourages people to wear a mask when they stay in Hawaii and prevent coronavirus infection, while at the same time being environmentally friendly by using dyes made from recyclable waste materials.

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