Food Packaging Design

Client: Sun Noodle Brand

Sun Noodle, the noodle maker with the largest market share in the US, has five types of noodles from various countries: Japanese noodles “Yakisoba Udon”, Chinese noodles “Chow Fun & Chow Mein”, and Philippine noodles “Pancit”. A new package design was required to refresh these products. The product is a value noodle series that is consumer friendly in price, and available in two sizes: 6 oz for single serving, 64 oz for family pack.

Increase branding power by recognizing the product package design itself as the Sun Noodle logo

The aim is to create a product package that enhances the brand power of Sun Noodles. By providing a large round transparent window in the center, the noodles inside are shown firmly and the freshness and high quality are emphasized. And this round transparent window itself is image-linked to the shape of the sun noodle logo, creating a visual effect that makes consumers unknowingly recognize that it is a sun noodle product when viewed. This leads to enhances the brand power of sun noodles.

In addition, by combining friendly typography, graphics expressing the characteristics of the noodles, and a texture of Washi (Japanese traditional paper) for the background, it conveys the image accesiblity and are easy to purchase. At the same time, the product still gives off the Sun Noodle high quality noodle feel that reaches a wide range of customer demographic. The overall simple and easy-to-understand design leads to sales promotion as it differentiates itself from other companies and has an impact on the appearance when displayed in-store.

Sun Noodle Logo Yakisoba
Sun Noodle Title-1

Food Package (64 oz)

Chow Fun 6oz title

Food Package (6 oz)

Sun Noodle Value Pack banner