WikiWiki Noodles

Packaging Design

Client: Sun Noodle Brand

We needed to create a brand and package design for Sun Noodle, a noodle production company with the biggest share of the market in the United States. The company developed a new frozen product that allows you to easily and quickly enjoy ramen at home, with the theme of “simple, fast, and easy.” The task was to increase value and marketability so that the product could be sold not only Hawaii but also on the mainland.

Not as ramen, but as a new noodle product born in Hawaii designed to enhance value and marketing power.

The product’s name is “WikiWiki” which means “fast” in Hawaiian, which straightforwardly represents the “quick and easy to make” feature of the product and its roots in Hawaii. By making packaging design using Hawaiian inspired graphics and big pictures of the ingredients, we succeeded in making the product stand out from its competitors and enhancing its marketability on the mainland.

WikiWiki Noodle 'Ula'Ula Spicy Miso Packaging
WikiWIki Packages

Food Packaging

For the four different flavors, Aloha Miso, Hau’oli Creamy Vegetable, ‘Ono Tomato, and ‘Ula’Ula Spicy Miso, we used Hawaiian words and classified them using different colors to evoke the flavor of the product.

WikiWiki Noodle Packages