CLD Christmas 2010

The annual CLD holiday card competition

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We had the annual CLD Holiday card competition among our staff. This year’s winner is Brennan’s “Go Green” card. You might have already received our card if you are our client. Please enjoy these other unique card designs submitted by our designers.


CLD Christmas 2010

Brennan Simcock:

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now”. – Ancient Chinese Proverb.
The concept behind this Christmas Card is to promote the need to plant a tree. Each box contains three Norfolk Island Pine Seeds (originally brought to Hawaii by Captain Cooke from the Norfolk Island near Australia) and one Peat Soil Pellet with instructions of how to plant a tree. The Norfolk Island Pine is a favorite Christmas tree in Hawaii.


CLD Christmas 2010

A simple pine wreath is transformed into a beautifully decorated Christmas wreath through animation. Signifying how design solutions can transform any simple idea to communicate a message, this is an essential strategy for success.


CLD Christmas 2010

Etsuko Ono:

The simple “White Christmas” card is constructed with two triangle shapes die-cut and perforation attached in the middle of the card. When detached from the card, the triangles can be assembled into a little tree for your desk.
In terms of color, the card utilizes one color – red for the words “holiday greeting”, spot UV on the Christmas pattern, and embossing for the pattern on the triangle shapes. The warm thick felt-like paper with embossing texture gives a cozy holiday feeling.


CLD Christmas 2010

Ryan Ragus:

The concept for this Christmas card is “The Language of Christmas”. Each card has different commonly used Christmas icon that is easily recognized by anyone in the world who celebrates Christmas. Within each card is the phrase “Merry Christmas” in ten different languages. By reading a simple Christmas card, one can easily learn to say “Merry Christmas” in ten other languages to spread the holiday spirit this season.


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