Branding / Store Identity Design

Client: Shirohato USA Inc.

The client needed a branding design that firmly conveyed the concept of farm to table and farmers in Hawaii in order to open a specialty food and sweets shop in the Ala Moana area that uses sweet potato grown at a farm in Waialua, Hawaii. We also had to face the challenge of creating a potato specialty store that attracted customers since it was something that was rare in Hawaii.

Succeeded in creating a visual brand with a strong identity of a Hawaiian sweet potato, food, and sweets shop, which was a first in Hawaii.

We used a logo shaped like a potato with the purple color of the inside of the potato to invoke a strong association of the brand as a sweet potato store. The bold logo with a sense of unity in the handwritten type emphasizes the identity of the brand.

The brand story with its handwritten letters accented with watercolor illustrations depicting the inside of the sweet potato and the sun, make it easier for the brand message to be conveyed to the customers. At the same time, the brand story visuals give off a natural and healthy impression. The illustration of the potatoes connected via vines expresses the fresh image of farm to table and the brand’s desire to become a presence that can support family (Ohana in Hawaiian) connections. The visuals also enhance the ability to attract customers by catching the attention of passersby on the street.

Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory Logo
Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory Logo

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