Marukame Udon

Restaurant Identity / Packaging Design

Client: Toridoll USA Corporation

Popular Japanese noodle restaurant “Marukame Udon” is known for its homemade udon noodles. Upon opening their second location in Downtown Honolulu, unlike their Waikiki location where most of the customers were tourists, this location targets more the local businessmen and students. Therefore, this new location had to implement a more modern and mainland driven contemporary aesthetic while keeping its original branding from Japan.

To introduce the Japanese noodle 'UDON' into the American market, the theme was a fusion of Japanese traditional style and modern taste.

We kept the Japanese feel by using the traditional red stamp design, and added English typography for the store name. Using heavy font weight of Helvetica typeface represents thick udon noodles, and conveys its genuine good taste and quality. The downtown store focuses on take-out service, so we designed the takeout packages to function as great PR tools with waves to represents noodles and soup, alongside the logo placed in a large white space for it to stand out. The design were expanded into store signs and store uniforms building the whole branding guide that will play a strong role for future franchise business.

Marukame Udon
Marukame Udon

Take Out Food Packaging


From containers for udon and salad to drinking cup, tempura bag and paper bag were visually unified to increase advertising effects on the streets.

Marukame Udon

Logo / Signage


The “traditional & modern”, “Japanese & Western” mixed visuals gives the impression of a new food America has never had.

Marukame Udon



The slogan “Pride for Perfection” on the back of the uniforms raises the staff’s awareness and team work.

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