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Beauty-related product maker “Pele’s Grace” named after the Hawaiian goddess “Pele”. Pele Grace has bases in Japan, Hawaii, and the west coast of the United States, and sells by referral. In launching a second brand targeting the younger generation, which can be purchased by non-member consumers, branding centered on product packaging was necessary. The challenge was how to incorporate Pele Grace’s philosophy into the brand concept in order to differentiate it from many other skin care brands to raise awareness and acquire new fans.

Visual branding based on Hawaiian stories
``Pele's HOKULEA, a skin care brand for Hawaii lovers``

The brand name “HOKULEA” is a first magnitude star that always shines above Hawaii. Ancient Hawaiians had continued to challenge their voyages to Hawaii by navigating with this star. The naming is based on the idea of constantly challenging product development with new materials and technologies while at the same time providing “joy and happiness” such as when ancient Hawaiians arrived home after the long voyage back to Hawaii.
The brand story is conveyed as a visual message by using the “star road” which is used in star navigation as a brand visual and using the “canoe” as a symbol. In addition, the colorful gradation that represents the rainbow of Hawaii makes people who see the product packaging feel “joy and happiness.” As a result, the main target of women in their 30s who love Hawaii, can really feel Hawaii in their daily lives. This helped to realize the branding aimed at building the image of “skin care for Hawaii lovers”.

Pele's Hokulea Logo
Pele's Hokulea Brand Visual

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Pele's Hokulea Package Design

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