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Client: Hawaiʻi Tourism Japan

In order to contain the new coronaurus infection, the state of Hawaii implemented a lockdown for roughly two months starting from the end of March 2020. Oahu also implemented an additional lockdown for about one month from the end of August. The health and safety of Hawaii residents was given top priority as they focused on the recovery of the community. At the same time, Hawaii also needed to adapt to the “new normal” of the COVID era and were promoting the creation of a system to welcome back travelers from all over the world. Therefore, the Hawaii Tourism Japan needed to produce a website, video, and support collateral for distributing COVID-19 related information to the Japanese market.

Delivering important Hawaii COVID-19 related information specifically for Japanese travelers!

The website is designed to keep visitors up to date with status and statistical data for the new Coronaurus infection, procedures required before traveling to Hawaii, infection control measures during travel, and Hawaii’s safety guidelines. In addition, the video “Unchanged ALOHA” introduces the efforts of safety and hygiene measures for tourism-related facilities such as airports, accommodation facilities, restaurants, and activities, which lead to raising awareness in the Japanese market.

The overall concept is about conveying the essential message of “ALOHA” and utilizing visual design with the theme of “Hawaiian culture and people”. It also leads to the educating visitors about “Responsible tourism” (enjoying travel to Hawaii by respecting and sharing of Hawaiian thoughts and actions). This project will be widely covered by the media in Japan and will play an important role in the future reconstruction of tourism in Hawaii.

Hawai‘i Covid-19 Website smartphone
Hawai‘i Safety Protocol Video

Hawai‘i Safety Protocol Video for Japan


Direction, Planning & Design: Clarence Lee Design
Video shooting & Editing: Creative Juice Productions
Copy writing: Yuki Koizumi

Hawai‘i Covid-19 Information Website

Hawai‘i Covid-19 Information Website for Japan


Direction, Planning & Design: Clarence Lee Design
Contents design & Coding: Jaythree


Hawai‘i Covid-19 Infographic

Infographic / Process Chart

State of Hawai‘i Certificate of Testing for Covid-19

State of Hawai‘i Certificate of Testing for Covid-19

Unchanged ALOHA